Why should the Plastic Bottle Cap Mould be maintained?


The maintenance of the Plastic Bottle Cap Mould is a useful measure to ensure the normal operation of the injection mould. The maintenance of the equipment mainly includes finishing and wiping, inspection and adjustment, smooth oiling, etc. The main points are as follows.


1. Proof of stable product quality


To ensure that the Plastic Bottle Cap Mould can produce qualified plastic parts stably and reliably, it is necessary to keep the PET injection mould in good working condition. When the injection mould is in operation, it is impossible to always be in the best working condition. There is always one situation or another. These small problems will bring bad luck to the product quality, and timely maintenance will overcome these small problems and keep the mould in good working condition.

 Plastic Bottle Cap Mould

2. Downtime for maintenance


During the use of the Plastic Bottle Cap Mould, there may always be major failures and need to be shut down for maintenance. When the machine is shut down, the operation cannot be continued. Therefore, it is expected that the downtime is as short as possible and the number of downtimes is as small as possible. However, the major failures of the mould are not always present suddenly. It has a stacking process. If it can be maintained in time and refueled in time, the pp injection mould will reduce wear. This delays the stoppage of the mould. For example, in the lateral core-pulling mechanism of the inclined guide post, the screw fixing the inclined guide post loosens, causing the position of the inclined guide post to change. In severe cases, the inclined guide post may be deformed or even broken. In the maintenance, these problems will be discovered in time and tightened in time, so that these similar problems will not occur.


3. Cut operating costs


During the use of the mould, a lot of operating costs have to be paid, such as inspection costs, adjustment costs, smoothing oil costs, repair costs, etc. The sum of these costs is the operating costs. Among these costs, the largest number is repair costs. If the mould is not well maintained, a lot of additional repair costs are often required, which makes the mould unable to operate normally and increases the operating cost.