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Is specializing in producing bottle caps(beverage caps,plastic cap), PET preform,PP preform and all kinds of molds, such as PET preform , bottle cap mold , blowing mold, daily commodity mold , pipe fitting mold,auto mold and cap machinery(cap tamper evident ring cutting machine,lid liner machine,cap printing machine,folding machine).The company has more than 10 years of experience and technique,guaranteeing the quality of products and a lower price.

TAIZHOU HONGJINGSHENG PLASTIC MOULD CO.,LTD.Put into 6 million dollars.Its factory has an area of 30000 square meter and more than 600 people.The company produced over 20000 machinery , molds and molds,50million pipe fitting and 80million caps suitable for various bottles, which are sold to Europe and American and other 40 countries and regions.All products passes the country's QS certification,wining the support and trust at abroad and home and being the lead in the same circles in China.The aim of this company is "put credit and quality in the first place''.The guideline is "pursuit of prominence,production of competitive products."The philosophy is "to focus on people and consistently step into a newer stage."