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From material to product,we reach every aspect of a matter.


Our company also have been up the particular design department to service client’s requirement.Our factory passed the ISO9001 in order to provide client the best service and quality.



Full-automatic High Speed Slitting Machine


Production capacity

QKJ 2016-A:50000-80000caps/h


Full-automatic Slitting Machine is our latest high-efficiency,full- automatic Sitting machine for anti-theft bottle lids. The serial procedures including adding lids, sorting lids,feeding lids, cutting ring, dropping lids, and distributing lids to separate boxes, etc, are completed full-automatically at a high speed up to 50000-80000pcs/hr.



Full-automatic Slitting Machine


Production capacity (30x20 size)

QKJ 2005: 15000caps/h

QKJ 2008 30000caps/h


Full- automatic Slitting Machine is our latest high- efficiency,full-automatic Slitting machine for anti-theft bottle lids. The serial procedures including adding lids,sorting lids,feeding lids, cutting ring,dropping lids, and distributing lids to separate boxes,etc,are completed full- automatically at a high speed up to 15000-30000pcs/hr.



Auto Cap Folding-Cutting Machine 


Auto Cap Folding-Cuting machine combines the capacity of folding and cutting, optimizes and integrates both machines advantage into one small, highly-productive machine. Such machine is of top choice for major beverage cap manufacturers.



Full-automatic Pad Printing Machine


Production capacity (30x20 size)

9000- 10000caps/h


Full-automatic pad printing machine is a king of machine special for printing on the sur-face of lid which has been electronically treated. The procedures form lid sorting, lid delivering, path separating, lid feeding, surface printing to lid dropping are complested full-automatically.


Auto Cap Lining Machine


Auto Cap Lining Machine(Lining machine) is used to produce plastic caps, aluminum cover, lron cover gasket, so that it sealed to seal the effect of gas and sealing, 16 new models improved faster and more stable, more automated.


Application:the bottle-top process of carb onic acid drink, tea drink and juice drink etc, that make the top resist air pressure continue fresh and maintain the taste delicious.


Liner machine is mainly applied in producing the air proof plastic bottle top, which make the piece reasonable. Application: the bottle top process of carbonic acid drink. tea drink and juice drink etc. that make the top resist air pressure, continue fresh and maintain the taste delicious.


SMC Sheet Cutting Machine


SMC sheet cutting machine run smoothly, operate easily with fast cutting. Adopt Siemens PLC screen, Servo motor control, cutting automatic, the cutted length is adjustable, the surface laminating of SMC material is rolled by up and down air swelling shaft, laminating is convenient to remount, it is the first choice of machine for SMC manufacturer.